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Triathon Suits

A trisuit can be worn through the entire race. It is designed to work well for swimming, cycling, and running.

These suits come in different styles. You can choose between a one-piece style and a two-piece style to suit your personal choice. In both cases, the primary suit material is thin and breathable. The top is usually sleeveless, but some have short sleeves. The bottom is similar to a cycling short, with jammer length legs.

A full-length front zipper with anti-chafe protector provides tailored ventilation. On-board storage is handled by pockets for fast convenient nutrition.

Trisuits offer perfect freedom of movement while swimming, biking and running in a triathlon. Moreover, they help you to save time in the transition zone. If the water temperature is too low, you can wear a neoprene suit over your trisuit when swimming.

One-piece suits are made from elastic fabric with increased flexibility for all kinds of sports. Most one-piece suits also protect from harmful UV rays and feature a seat pad so that you can hop on your bike after swimming.

Chamois Pad

The pad in the bottom is lightweight to make the suit more comfortable for swimming. After the swim, the thin pad dries out quickly and doesn't feel like a big, wet diaper on the bike ride.

Because the pad won't be as thick as a cycling short pad, some, but not all, triathletes find it less comfortable. Quick drying chamois provides support without sacrificing comfort.

Drag Reduction

The aerodynamic fit of the trisuit reduces drag on the bike while the water-resistant properties shed water so you can blast through the swim.

The trisuit is designed to reduce drag and deliver maximum performance in the water and in air. Silicone coated hydrodynamic fabric offers resistance to chlorine and UV protection, with inserts for increased breathability and ventilation.

Muscle Support

Better trisuits offer uncompromising performance and comfort. Designed to address the needs of the performance-driven athlete, they use compression fabric to minimize road vibrations and offer improved circulation and muscle support for complete stability throughout your entire race.

Sun Protection

Strategic placement of Anti-UV mesh panels provide sun protection with increased airflow and sweat evaporation in crucial areas to prevent overheating. However, complete UV protection can only be achieved with a full body suit.

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