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Tall Tee Fashion

Can there be anything more satisfying than swimming in an ensemble that your mates may only dream of pulling off?

Probably, however not having hordes of different men aping your appearance is a fairly sweet sartorial place to be in. That is precisely what is on the table in case you are searching for when wearing oversized garments. Long flowing, silhouette shifting swimwear offers you a way create your own style.

Why? Because almost everyone towing the lengthy line is failing the challenge. Many try, but few make work. We will not pull the wool over your eyes (and down to your knees) here, this started as a fad, but is here to stay for smart swimmers. Look at the photos and you'll that is some seriously cool swimwear.

Keep the Balance

Crucial to styling long shirts is to allow their exaggerated shape to take center stage while the rest of your appearance keeps quiet.

An oversize tee shirt makes a fantastic companion for skinny jeans, but set these with some billowing wide-legged pants, and bam, it is Hammertime.

Balance is much more significant if you are not that tall, so prevent shortening your thighs by swamping them with a hemline that plunges south. Instead, consider wearing a long sleeve shirt to make this look cool.

Monochrome is the Word

Playing fast and loose with your hemlines is a fairly revolutionary statement in menswear fashion. Add active prints and designs into the mix and you have got a look that is good for little else besides getting digs and giving headaches. Same with gaudy colours. Instead, stick with colors that don’t shout for attention (black, white), elegant, but with a twist.

It is All in the Fabric

As a guideline, cotton and synthetics lend themselves nicely to longline shirts because of their drape and stretch, whilst denim and linen may also be trimmed to create clothes with much more dramatic drops. Corduroy, textured weaves and ribbed cloths, nevertheless, can’t. So avoid these, and some other psychedelic substances, such as a devastating shock.

The Classic Longline Look

The original 1990’s tall tee was generally just a 6XL tee shirt that would be so oversized they earned the nick name “knee-knockers”.

Fast forward to today and the tall tee shirt has evolved in to more of a slim cut, elongated shirt that’s not only perfect for people with taller builds, but also a streetwear staple that has become a wardrobe essential for both guys and girls alike.

Not a fan of wearing black?

The classic longline look can easily be achieved with any colour of elongated tee shirts but one of our favourite is the all-white-everything look. White trainer shoes, white jeans or chinos and a white tall tee will have you looking fresh on poolside. White clothes go beautifully transparent when wet.

If you feel it’s a little too much white, you can always tone it back by adding a coloured anorak or even just a hat to contrast nicely.


The real elegance of this tall tee shirt is its own inherent imagination. You can set this rebellious yet comfortable kit with many contrasting clothes, like skinny jeans or long beach pants, such as to get a pool ready appearance.

Avoid the inclination to over fashion since the tall tee shirt is a fashion statement. Instead, invest in certain riveting, high-end, and hip-hop-inspired accessories. The secret is to find a length that fits with your height.

Instead of unflattering and baggy, the ideal tall tee shirt can amplify your street cred and personal style. Do not be scared to experiment with this particular bit because its power lies in its ease. Just set it with tapered jeans or pants and be out the door and into the pool in seconds.

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