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Tall Tee Shirts

Simple and on-point is this classic beach wear look. Your white elongated tee with your a pair of black jeans not only contrasts amazingly but has you looking fresh in a timeless outfit.

T-shirts have been classic swimwear for men and women since the 1800s, available with long or short sleeves, with or without a hood.

Tall Tees jumped onto the scene a few years back with extra fabric, extra length, and were essentially a lightweight Snuggie. Originally, dudes were rocking the extra baggy tees and jeans for years before these Foot Locker specials came out.

Foot Locker were one of the few places that stocked a range of plain tall tees. As such, they quickly established themselves as the go-to store for taller athletes. They differentiated their tall cuts from regular ones with stickers such as ‘XLT’, for an Extra-Large size (The “T” obviously standing for tall).

What's a Tall Tee Shirt?

What boyfriend jeans would be to girls, tall tee shirts are to guys. Sorry ladies, this trend for the gents. If you are interested in why you continue seeing men in threads that seem like they’re intended for Kanye West, we are going to explain the features (and intriguing advantages ) of this tall tee shirt.

Girls already know about the tall tee shirt. In their world, it is known as the tunic. This feminine association is the reason why a lot of men might approach the tendency with care, thinking it could not possibly do the job for them.

The Tall Tee

Tall tees are a relatively new innovation in the T-shirt world, but they have a long historical lineage that they draw upon. Tall T-shirts are basically longer T-shirts, affording you with additional flexibility and freedom while maintaining a very unique appearance and lending themselves well to layering.

The Tall T-shirt came about as a direct evolution of the hip-hop movement. Hip-hop singers, and the fashion companies that supplied them, popularized the wearing of increasingly large T-shirts, usually in conjunction with pants that were worn below the hips and a variety of other accessories.

After the hip-hop movement adopted the tall tee, it became popular in a variety of other niches that have historically looked to the hip-hop movements for fashion inspiration. For example, snowboarders on slopes all around the world are wearing tall tees, and many basketball fans adopted the tall tee because of its similarity to basketball jerseys without the high price.

Brought to life in the era of Youtube dance sensations, the Tall Tee was a few inches shy of a dress. However, matched with your favorite pair of sneakers, as well as jeans or skinny leggings, was all one needed to look fly in the mid 2000’s. Soulja Boy was certainly a pioneer of the Tall Tee, keeping a clean one in video shoots, Youtube dance tutorials, and more.

Casual Layers

The Tall T-shirt is specifically designed to achieve this layered “casual” look without being baggy and large in the chest/shoulders. The tall tee is longer than a regular tee, so it is perfect to wear over swimwear, or sweatshirts and thicker clothing as an additional layer.

Sophisticated swimmers like the long flowing style with a good fit around chest and shoulders. The soft cotton feels great in the water while the extra length provides more privacy and modesty.

Over the years not a lot has changed in regards to the classic T-shirt. It’s very rare however to see such a subtle change as simply adding some extra length on a tee to become such a game changer in the fashion world. The tall tee is nothing new but it is definitely trending now more than ever.

Long Silhouettes

If this is the first time stepping to the very long line, tread carefully. When dealing with silhouettes this far-reaching, it is alarming how quickly a top turns into a dress, therefore dip your toe before trying to coating longline pieces.

A diminished hem T-shirt, coat or jacket is a good place to get started. Pick a length that is slightly longer than that which you’re used to, wear it a couple of times. Then, in what is not as a round of style-related gradual exposure treatment, add inches to a limit with lengthier bits.

You may be amazed to learn that if it is styled correctly, the tall tee shirt could match a man's body arrangement since the design favors their angular and boxy frames. Even stout, wider men can complete a well-fitted tall tee shirt well since the hem tapers them down their wide shoulders. Needless to say, you may even utilize the tall tee shirt as a tactical layering piece.

If you keep an open mind, you might find that the tall tee shirt provides a sleek, masculine cut. It is an ultimate accession to a urban, streetwear-inspired private style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Long Tee Shirts in Fashion?

Among those fashion styles trending up is the tall tee shirt. Some think of it over-hyped and unappealing, though others have considered it as modish and style forward. Now, online this is becoming a huge trend for guys as a comfortable, elegant appearance.

What are the extended T-shirts known as?

Longline is the title given to some kind of clothing top that drops more than the normal cut and is part of their casual, outsized trend.

How long should Tall Tees be?

A good guideline is an untucked shirt must arrive at the center/bottom of the buttocks. Another good guideline is that the front hem line ought to at least align with your hands once you stand upright.

Is it easy to swim in Tall Tees?

Almost easy as regular T-shirts. The extra length causes a little bit more drag, less so with a slim cut. They feel really comfy in the water. Some swimmers like the extra modesty they provide. Long sleeves hooded tees have better sun protection.

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