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This website is all about new and different swimwear and waterwear ideas.

The market is innovating at high speed with new gear for you to enjoy in and on the water. There is so much kit to choose from for your favourite watersports. We keep an eye on it and report our findings here for you to enjoy.

Alwyn Inga heads our Editorial Team

Alwyn has a natural talent for staying up to date with the latest developments in swimwear and waterspots fashion. He keeps a close eye on the industry and has a keen sense of style that allows him to quickly identify emerging trends. He is well-versed in the current swimwear fashion scene and understands the nuances of each style.

His ability to stay on top of new trends allows him to offer valuable insights and advice to our readers. Whether you are looking for classic swimwear styles or more daring designs, Alwyn can guide you in the right direction and help you choose pieces that are both fashionable and functional.

Furthermore, Alwyn's ability to catch up with the latest developments in the watersport clothing technology not only stems from his experience and knowledge in the industry, but also from his passion for active watersports.

He is constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas to incorporate into his work, which allows him to stay ahead of the curve and offer unique and innovative solutions to our readers.

Test Reviews

On this website you'll find tests and reviews of a wide variety of swimwear, waterwear, and travel reports. Our keen swimmers will check out any kit we get our hands on and write a review with links to suppliers.

First Look

When we see an interesting new product we write a brief report for our readers, either as part of an article or on a page of its own. This might happen at a shop, a trade show, or some other event.

Full Reviews

Whenever we get our hands on new swimwear we test it under realistic conditions for a detailed full review. These get updated over time after we've used the samples for a while.

First we try the products in the pool to see how they fit and feel to check how comfortable a swimsuit really is. Next we see how it performs during watersports like canoeing, sailing, or surfing, and how good the design is for readers who really enjoy watersports, rather than wear it as a fashion statement.

Promote your products here!

If you're a manufacturer or supplier of swimming clothes or watersport accessories, send us products for review. You get publicity on a busy website for the cost of a product sample. Reviews carry a clickable link to the supplier's website so our readers can order the products we've reviewed. If a supplier provides more than one item, they get a dedicated section with a company profile.

Affiliate Partnerships

When we come across really good products, we like to share them with our readers who come here to find the best and most original swimwear. If you run an affiliate program, talk to us.

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