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Windshirts (Swishies)

Windshirts are lightweight full athletic cut pullovers with a crew neck or V-neck opening. They are comfortable on land and in water.

Weighing only a few grams, they pack down to the size of an apple, easy to carry and store. So small, it takes several minutes of rucksack rummaging before one turns up.

Windshirts (aka Golf Tops) can reduce wind chill and improve sun protection. Windproof golf clothing is now at an all-time high in popularity thanks to some brilliant, game-changing apparel.

Enjoy your windshirt on quiet days, or when the wind is tearing at your clothes and a fully breathable rain suit would simply be too warm.


When you go swimming in a windshirt and matching nylon pants, the soft fabric feels good on your bare skin, or over other clothes. Windshirts are easy to swim in, they create only a small amount of drag in the water.

swimming in a windshirt
swimming in a windshirt


If you really want to keep comfy on a windy day, you may want to think about windshirts, windproof tops, swishies, or whatever you want to call them. Windproof clothing prevents wind from passing through and remains highly breathable throughout. However, most windshirts are not waterproof. You will get wet but stay somewhat warmer.


Not really. They are windproof and breathable, but not meant to be waterproof, just water resistant and stand up well to light drizzle and windy gusts on the beach. If you wear one in heavy rain, you'll get soaked eventually.

Windshirts are cheaper than any hi-tech waterproof top, so when you wear your competitively priced windshirt under a lightweight anorak, you're saving your money and not spend it on an expensive waterproof jacket.

No matter how great your waterproof anorak or jacket is, it still has a saturation point when it gets damp from the inside. Under a waterproof anorak a windshirt keeps condensation from wetting your base layer.


Windshirts come in a variety of styles, depending on their intended use and prevailing climate. Choose from V-neck or crew neck. Depending on the way you want to wear it, pick the right one, or buy both. Crew neck gives more cover and might fit better when swimming. V-neck looks good if you wear a shirt underneath.

Wet Windshirt
Wet Windshirt
V-Neck with T-shirt
Wet Windshirt
V-Neck with Polo Shirt

Wet Windshirt
Round crew neck
Wet Windshirt
Round crew neck with zip
Wet Windshirt
Windshirt with hood

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