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Pertex Windproof Nylon

Pertex is made of microfine filament yarns tightly woven into a tiny rip-stop pattern which give this great fabric such terrific properties.

Pertex is not waterproof, but incredibly breathable and windproof. Thus it is ideal for any situation where it is windy but not actually raining, like mountaineering, and almost essential for any sort of water sport. Use it as a mid layer. The fabric is slick and causes less friction.

Using a windproof rather than a waterproof anorak will leave you feeling considerably more comfortable when walking, climbing, or running. For swimming this makes little difference. Best of all it dries very quickly.

Main Properties

  • Windproof
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable
  • Featherweight
  • Soft as silk
  • Tear resistant
  • Best strength to weight ratio
  • Used in ultra-light gear


  • Not bulky
  • Packs into a small space
  • Doesn't make you sweat
  • Highly breathable
  • Wicks moisture
  • Fast drying
  • Great for swimming, snorkeling or on the beach

Tough and Durable

We strongly believe that less weight shouldn't mean 'please be careful'. Pertex shows the best strength to weight ratio. Tear strength and seam strength are good for its weight.

Pertex can be used in shell jackets and withstands the abuse of hardcore action. Its abrasion resistance however is not comparable with standard weight 44 decitex fabrics.

Pertex Shield+ High Performance Fabric

Pertex, a leading producer of extremely lightweight and highly-durable performance fabrics, has developed new Pertex Shield AP and a lighter weight version of Pertex Shield+, in response for the growing demand for extremely-lightweight, weatherproof outerwear.

Montane's new Air Jacket is a light, breathable and versatile mountain shell constructed with Pertex Shield AP. Designed with a 100% nylon rip-stop face and an advanced air porous membrane, the Air Jacket is developed to offer the highest levels of waterproof durability and breathability, providing all day comfort in a wide range of weather conditions.

Reader Story: Beach Lifeguard

by Wan from Myanmar, now in Thailand

When on duty, I always have to wear a red and yellow Pertex suit for sun protection and to be visible. It is very comfortable to wear all day long. I often have to go into the water at short notice to help someone, no time to get changed into swimwear.

This is a really nice swimsuit, feels so good in the water. It dries quickly, faster than tight swim shirts and has much better ventilation. I really enjoy swimming in this swimsuit and keep it on after I come out of the water to let it dry in the warm breeze.

lifeguard beach anorak red yellow hood lake
The hood keeps me safe on long days in the sun. I wear it most of the time.
lifeguard beach anorak red yellow hood lake

During my leisure time I wear one of my Pertex suits for playing on the beach or swimming in the lake, because it feels so good and is lightweight.

beach anorak grey swimming in lake
beach anorak grey swimming in lake

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