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Hydrotex Swim Clothes

Hydrotex clothes are useful for kite-boarding, canoeing or swimming, as they dry almost immediately.

Hydrotex is a 100% polyester blend, the coolest new fabric since polyester was invented, using a lightweight "Fast Dri" technology that’s both practical and stylish.

Hydrotex clothes are designed for an "in and out" of the water lifestyle. Most Hydrotex shirts come in a relaxed fit with T-Shirt style comfort, but have the waterwear qualities of a rash guard.

"Fast Dri" technology means that you stay comfortable no matter what the temperature or conditions. Perfect as on-shore garment or in the water to block the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Hydrotex clothes are also great for pool parties. Unlike cotton they don't chill you out, but look cool and keep their shape when wet. An elegant top with matching long pants is all you need for an attractive appearance.

On Land

Although designed for the water, these shirts look cool around town. You can wear them for any occasion. The unique texture has a very dressy look to it. Combine them with Hydrotex pants.

In the Water

The quick drying fabric makes Hydrotex clothes ideal for pool parties. These swim shirts have a loose fitting T-Shirt style comfort, but wear in the water like a rashguard. They remain lightweight when wet, and dry quickly so you avoid the chill factor found with other fabrics.

Long sleeve shirts are perfect for those hot days on or in the water and also help prevent skin rash when wearing a waist harness or life vest, which is another big plus.

A strong durable self-locking stitch allows for a comfy fit. Water can pass through these clothes but hardly gets soaked up, so this fabric is more suited for clothes designed to be worn in warmer water conditions.

Sun Protection

Long sleeved water shirts made from Hydrotex block the harmful UV rays of the sun and cut the wind like a rashguard. You can wear them in the water and then they dry in minutes so you can also wear them as a shirt for any occasion. They allow air to pass through and are therefore cooler, lighter and fit easy, like a T shirt. The unique texture has a very dressy look to it.

HydroTex Soft Shell

HydroTex fabric is also available as a soft waterproof shell. It features a smooth, tightly woven polyester face backed with an anti-pill polyester velour that traps air and provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio. The fabric is thin and flexible. You can use it to replace several layers.

A breathable PU membrane enables the fabric to block the wind and still keep you comfy with superior breathability. HydroTex is also waterproof to 5000mm, which comes in handy on a rough and rainy day. Another use is for sun protection on the beach.

hydrotex shell anorak beach swim
hydrotex shell anorak beach swim

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