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Dry-Fit Sportswear

Dry-Fit shirts use synthetic fibers that wick away sweat from the body during exercise without absorbing the liquid.

Made with ultra-soft jersey fabric, these shirts are lightweight and breathable, allowing you to keep cool during those hot days in the pool and also keep you warm during the colder months.

They simply move moisture away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. You stay cool, dry and comfortable even during the most demanding workouts.

The elastic polyester material stretches in all directions for complete mobility and lets you to swim without any restrictions. After swimming it dries out quickly while you wear it, so you stay comfortable while you're safe from the sun's harmful rays.

Dry-Fit material has been adopted by athletes in many major sports for its ability to keep them from being weighted down during training and competition. This fabric uses anti-odor technology to keep you smelling fresh even in the gym. After your session wear your shirt under the shower with shampoo to clean up.

Reader Comments

Comfy Swim Shirt

by Khun Mee, Phuket, Thailand

My Dry-Fit long sleeve pullover is the best swim shirt I have ever worn. With over 4 years of swimming experience I have tried and worn many different swim shirts attempting to find one that satisfies all my criteria.

Most Dry-Fit swim shirts are well fitted, some are loose fit, long enough and extremely comfortable. They feel good in the water. The fabric is light yet strong and I have yet to overheat while wearing one.

The design is simple and comfortable. It is suitably loose but also fits snug around my arms and upper body, so swimming is easy.

I love to swim in this shirt and will definitely find an excuse to purchase more in the future.

Pool Parties

by Diano, Barcelona, Catalunya

Always liked the Dry-Fit shirts for swimming at pool parties. Mine fit well, not the compression fit, but relatively loose and easy going.

When I go to a pool party I wear one of my swim shirts with long sports pants made from the same thin material. This outfit feels great in the water, but dries off quickly when I come out of the pool. The water just runs off and I'm almost dry.

The clothes are comfortable both wet and dry and keep you feeling clean. Made from very thin material, so no rubbing.

Easy to wash at 30°C and no staining in armpits. Remember to cut off the label on the seam too. I'm going to buy more.

Highly recommended.

At the Gym

by Timmy, at university somewhere in Asia

I've recently started going to the gym on a regular basis and found my regular cotton tee shirts too heavy and sticky once I built up a bit of a sweat. I've owned a few swim shirts in the past and they always felt and looked great, so I decided to give Dry-Fit shirts a go and I love them.

They feel pretty light, they wick the sweat away from the skin. Even when the shirt is soaked through, it doesn't stick. There's no rubbing and the shirt breathes really well so I barely notice it. After my workout I wear it under the shower to rinse it clean.

Since buying my original I've bought an additional four so I now have five of these for the gym and the pool which I wear most of the time. In the hot climate where I live they dry quickly. I can go for a swim, then a run around the sports field and I'm ready for the next university lecture.

University Shirt

by Danny, Chiang Mai, Thailand

My university sells Dry-Fit shirts as part of our sports kit, with matching pants. They said it is all quick drying.

After training I just wear my sports clothes under the shower to wash them and then walk home while they dry on me. Works really well and feels good.

When I meet with my friends at the lake or pool, we simply jump in with our sports clothes on because they dry out so fast afterwards. No need to get changed. Great stuff.

Tough Mudder

by Mark, Chicago, USA

It is just a top but I bought to use at a Tough Mudder event, actually it came through it fine, washed up great too and use it for the gym and swimming now as it is very light and comfortable.

This dry-fit shirt does a solid number even when wet and keeps smells at bay until you get home.

Can't go wrong for whatever you intend to do.

Quick Drying Sportswear

by Andrew, Singapore

Bought a couple of these shirts and very happy, excellent moisture wicking properties and very lightweight.

I not only wear them in the pool or gym, but on hot days when I'm doing things round the house.

They also wash well and are pretty much dry enough to wear after a normal washing cycle or after a swim.

Squash Player

by Lee, Pattaya, Thailand

I play a lot of squash and decided to use a Dry-Fit shirt during a competition. Simply brilliant. Lightweight and breathable. Refreshing to find a shirt that actually improves my game.

Loose fit is ideal for a workout. If you're wearing something super tight you can't move and have little room to breathe. However I would describe loose as more regular fitted. I'm not a fan of really tight fitting stuff.

After a match I enjoy a shower in my kit to wash the sweat out, or run to the beach and jump into the sea still wearing my clothes. It's easy to swim in and dries quickly on the way home, after a shower on the beach.

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