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Plash Palatka - Плащ-палатка (e)

Plash is the King of Capes!

These old school cotton shelter halves are getting rarer by the day, so get yours now before they are gone forever.

This versatile age-old multi-blanket can be used as a groundsheet, shelter half, rain/camouflage cape, stretchers, or a top layer for sleeping bag/blanket. In almost every use it's just a tad too small on its own, part of the rugged charm! You can also wrap it around your blanket, sleeping bag, or all your worldly possessions and tie the bundle on your backpack. This way the contents are quite protected from potentially radioactive rain and other elements.

When it's used as a cape, one corner works as the hood - note the drawcords that you use to tighten both the hood and the "collar". Then you fold the opposite corner inside and button it up (the buttonholes on the corner line up with the toggle buttons on the center of the tarp).

Now you can button up the front as little or as much as you like. With the more open approach, you look like a heroic elf lord. And if you button it up more tightly, you resemble more of a sad cone creature but you are better protected from exciting weather phenomena.

When worn as a cape, you might notice that there are ACTUAL POCKETS under the armholes on the inside. You can stash something nice in them like a golden ring that you found in some deep dungeon or old cavern.

Details vary

These have been made for a long time so it is natural that the details can vary. Because we want to deliver your products as quickly as possible, we, unfortunately, cannot pick and choose a certain individual item for you.

Dimensions and exciting details!

Measures about 180 x 180 cm (70 x 70"). The size can vary a bit because the size isn’t everything, as they say.

Weight some 1,4 kg (about 3 lbs). This can also vary to some extent.

The shade varies from olive green to a tad more forest-colored. Interior decoration guides would probably say that there are about eight different hues here but for us layfolks, these are fairly similar. The Romanian "Plash-palatka" is just like the Soviet original but in a bit more verdant green.

The shape, color, and material of the toggle buttons that you can use to attach these together are also a bit different. Some are made of wood, some plastic. Some of these have brass grommets in the corners, some have cloth reinforcements.

Some of the drawcords are also more modern than others.

No other exciting details, the product is perfect.


Made from very tightly woven and impregnated wind- and waterproof cotton. The fabric seems even more dense than on the Soviet equivalent.

When you have wandered the realm long enough to wear off the water repellent treatment, you can use fabric wax! to reproof it!

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