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Compression Swim Shirts and Leggings

Compression garments provide a competitive edge that not every athlete or sport use as advantage.

Athletes in every sport are always looking for a edge, seeking what can make them better, faster, and stronger. Compression clothes are a powerful fitness tool that promotes healthier muscles and better recovery. They support your body before, during, and after training or racing, for a variety of sports and activities.

When we experiences sore, heavy arms, our first impulse is to go straight to the pharmacy. To treat pain, we use expensive medications that often have side effects which leave you impaired. However, whether your discomfort stems from sore, pulled, or injured muscles, or you suffer from poor circulation, it’s time to put away the medication. A reusable and cost-efficient alternative exists and is scientifically proven.

Compression shirts use the simplicity of applied pressure to effectively treat many discomforts including tendinitis, bursitis, and poor blood circulation. They are excellent for keeping the lactic acid from building up in your muscles.

Benefits for Swimmers

Good compression clothes are built for swimmers with a compressive, woven material that is meant for in-water use. You can wear them for everyday swim practice, or dry land training like biking, running, and more. You’ll be able to recover better in every aspect of your training regime.

Well fitting compression swim clothes feel good when swimming or enjoying water aerobics. They don't get in the way. Try them on in the water and see how they work for you. If you find that they help in the water, let us know. We love to get feedback.

No Risk

The beauty of adding compression shirts to your training is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Compression is not risky and it will not cause any harm to your body or your workout. Athletes can develop healthier, stronger muscles, improve their recovery, and impact their performance without any risk.

Prevent Injury

Compression shirts improve circulation in the body, thus making the muscles warm and loose. Warming up the muscles prior to intense physical activity is incredibly important to prevent injury and maximize performance. Adding compression shirts and tights to your pre-training routines will help keep the muscles fresh and loose and prevent injury when it’s time to hit it hard.

Decrease Soreness

Most athletes have a love-hate relationship with sore muscles. It’s (almost) always a great sign to have sore muscles after a workout because it means that you physically pushed your limits. However, soreness is uncomfortable and can often hurt our following workouts.

By adding compression shirts to your workouts, you will decrease your soreness and your body will be better prepared for your next workout. Don’t let sore muscles slow you down, and add compression shirts to your training.

Improve Recovery

The primary purpose of compression shirts is to improve your recovery which is incredibly important to athletic performance. To perform at your peak performance, your body needs to rest and regroup. Compression shirts, when worn consistently, improve the delivery of oxygen from the bloodstream to the muscle tissue and reduce lactic acid build-up.

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