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Army Poncho Design

Army ponchos are simple square nylon sheets with a hood in the middle. Most are of equal length front and back, with open sides that can be buttoned. They offer better ventilation than a rain suit. The best ones are robust genuine army surplus ponchos, not cheap fashion copies.

wet poncho in rain
US GI Nylon Poncho
red poncho in rain
British Army Poncho

Dutch army camo poncho
Dutch Army Camo Poncho


More airflow means less sweat. Ponchos by their very design are breathable. Since they don't fit close to the body they allow air to circulate from below.


Some ponchos have lightweight side zippers (instead of snaps or Velcro) to give better wind protection. Usually four snaps are fitted to each side of the poncho to button it up or to attach another poncho and build a shelter.


Made from 210 denier ripstop nylon with silicon impregnation this fabric is incredibly strong and resilient. The German ponchos are made of rubberised nylon. Very waterproof, but heavier and not breathable.

The U.S. Army issue ponchos are forest camo ripstop nylon with a sprayed on light water proofing which will wear off over time.

Our favourite is the black rip-stop nylon poncho. It may be used as a field expedient shelter. These ponchos are highly prized by adventurers and nature lovers.


Most army ponchos come in one size, usually 240x150 cm. When worn as a poncho there is equal coverage down your front and down the back. Ideally it reaches below your knees.

The poncho extends some 70 cm on each side across the shoulders and arms. The hood is located in the centre and includes a drawcord adjustment or closure.

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