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First Look: Hock Super Praktiko Cape

This cycling cape was chosen by the trade magazine CYCLE as the test winner in the category bike ponchos. In addition, the 'Super Praktiko' was recommended by Spiegel-Online as the best rain protection when cycling.

The side windows of the hood allow for an unrestricted view while cycling. The large reflectors on the side and on the back of the rain cape ensure that you are seen too.

The nylon material with PVC coating and sealed seams allow the water to roll off the fabric and effectively prevent it from penetrating through the seams.

For a long time, you would sweat under standard bicycle ponchos due to the dense and enclosing fabric. This problem is remedied with the back ventilation on the back.

Optionally, you can open the arm openings on both sides with a zipper and draw attention to yourself with hand signals when turning. Even when it stops raining, it is advisable to keep the cape on for visibility. Reflective patches are on back, sides, and front.

VauDe Super Praktiko

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