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First Look: Hock Rain Care

A rain cape with a lot of advantages. The open side design makes it easy to wear and offers wide protection.

With most rain capes, some people feel restricted. The question normally is, how you should give a hand signal while riding a bike?

With the rain cape "Rain Care" this is simple since it has side openings which allow full freedom of movement.

To ensure that you don't get wet, the back part is equipped with lateral tapes keeping you dry at the sides and at the back. These are connected by means of quick fastener in front in the belly. Thus the back part also reaches about the sides and you remain dry.

The seams are twice sewed and welded together for optimum waterproof protection. A hip tape with quick fastener prevents the fluttering of the back part in the wind. In the breast pocket you can accommodate small things, at the same time the breast pocket is laid out as a belt pannier you can pack the rain cape into.

Driver-hand hold loops for riding a bike. A reflector stripe in the back ensures that you are seen even in bad lighting conditions. A volume-adjustable hood prevents that the hood from rising but does not hinder your visual field.

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