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Short Sleeve Anoraks

This fashionable and lightweight short sleeve windbreaker keeps the wind chill off your body when swimming or enjoying other splash sports in and around water.

The short sleeves cause less drag and hold no water, unlike long sleeve anoraks. Think of these tops as beachwear or swim clothes with a hood, easy to wear in the water like a T-shirt. You can buy them in many colours and designs to better reflect your style.

The weave is denser than a T-shirt, so even when you get them wet, they still cut out most of the sun rays. The short sleeve design offers less sun or rain protection. For better sun protection you may want to wear a long sleeve swim shirt underneath, or a fleece pullover for more warmth.

The design below shows a hooded top with a short zipper closure and a chest pocket for your small stuff. The straps around the hem line let you tighten the width for a better fit on land. When swimming it is better to wear it loose so no water collects.

short sleeve anorak
The hood is an added bonus for sun protection. It keeps your neck and ears covered.
short sleeve anorak
Many anoraks have a useful front pocket with a zip to keep small things safe.
short sleeve anorak


  • Loose Fit
  • Short sleeves
  • Hood with front short chest zipper
  • Chest pocket with flap, hidden zip closure
  • Waist band for adjustable width
short sleeve anorak

short sleeve anorak

short sleeve anorak

Reader Comments

Canoeing Anorak

by Ralph from Bournemouth, England

This short sleeve anorak just takes the chill away when kayak play boating in the pool, and keeps the spray deck from chafing, It lets me move freely when padding, but doesn't pick up much water when rolling the boat.

anorak smile
I also wear it for intermediate resistance swimming, as this feels really good in the water. It causes more drag than a tee shirt, but less than a long sleeve top, or swimming fully clothed.

Beach Fashion

from Nueng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In Thailand we rarely wear swimsuits. It is much more fun to swim in whatever clothes we happen to wear at the time. They dry out soon after we get out of the water and keep us cool in hot weather.

This anorak with front pocket is more practical than a T-shirt and dries quicker. It is loose fitting and airy in the hot weather, and feels great on land and in the water.

I have several of these and wear them most of the time, often with a long sleeve shirt underneath, and matching water pants, or the soft Thai fisherman's pants. Dressed like this I'm always ready to jump into the water.

In the afternoon I meet with friends at the lake to eat and have fun. As soon as we arrived and placed our food order we run into the water to get our clothes wet so we stay cool. This outfit is great for splashing around or swimming with my friends.

anorak smile
Looks comfy when dry.
anorak smile
Looks cool when wet.
short sleeve anorak
I enjoy wearing the hood because if feels cosy and gives extra sun protection.

As soon as I go into the water I duck under to get the hood wet so it keeps my head cool.

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