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Peter Storm

Peter Storm was originally created in 1954 by former Royal Marine Noel Bibby as a company supplying waterproof nylon rainwear.

They became the first company to provide 100% waterproof lightweight nylon rainwear, the first to weld together complete garments with no stitching, and the first with waterproof and breathable coatings with no 'pores'.

The company soon became famous for innovative design, helped by Bibby's experiences with the Royal Marines in World War II and his passion for outdoor clothing. Bibby helped to establish Peter Storm as a successful outdoor brand across the globe.

The British rights to the name were bought by The Outdoor Group after Bibby passed away in 1989.

Peter Storm branded clothes are now sold mainly through its chains of Blacks and Millets shops at sensible prices. A different line of clothing is sold internationally under the Peter Storm name by Outdoor Equipment.


Bibby was credited with inventing the cagoule (as an outdoor garment) in the early 1960s. A cagoule is a long waterproof garment with a hood, but no front zip. It is an over-the-head design, named after the French word for a cowl or monk's hood.

The simple Peter Storm nylon cagoule was originally made in England and over the pond in Ireland from the 70's onwards. It was a breathable, non sweating and originally pretty innovative pullover top made for outdoor and adventure use.

The original cagoules came in different lengths and cool styles, bringing a new slant to this classic piece of outerwear.

Anoraks for Awaydays

A highlight of the range, the Peter Storm Anoraks became hugely popular in the late 1970s and the early 1980s following the emergence of the football casual subculture, adopted quickly by match going youngsters, predominately up in the North of England. They were paired with Lois cords or bleached drainpipe jeans as well as the latest training shoes.

This look is captured in the 2011 movie Awaydays (based on the novel by Kevin Sampson) but the film makes use of replicas (produced by Adidas) as opposed to the real thing.

The look quickly evolved and other labels became more prominent, but the recent vintage craze has ensured that Peter Storm cagoules have and will remain an iconic piece of clothing for casuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

There were more iconic cagoules of the eighties. Izod Lacoste and Patrick both became famous for their efforts, but king among them were the Peter Storm cagoules, true icons of terrace style which became famous when worn by match going lads during the explosion of casual culture in the late seventies.

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