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Kilts and Skirts

Kilts are famous menswear from Scotland. Now some fashion designers came up with the idea of turning them into swimwear for the really cool dudes.

Some of our interns wear them, comfortable and casual. Their friends that have seen them, like the way they look in those clothes. Today, they get no looks, stares, complaints, or laughs. “Holy smokes,” you say, “it’s like nobody cares.” That’s because they probably don’t.

pool swimsuit legskin blue
pool swimsuit legskin blue
T-shirt and kilt make a comfy bathing suit.

Maybe the word "kilt" is being somewhat misapplied to skirts that simply do not even come close to meeting the definition of a kilt. A kilt would be far too heavy and far too long to allow the wearer to swim safely without an aquatic incident requiring a rescue.

There are several skirted swim suit bottoms readily available that are far more practical when one desires a skirted swim suit. Many Korean and Japanese designs are available on AliExpress.

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