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Hoodies - Spirit of Freedom

A hoodie (or hoody) displays a non-conformist spirit of indenpendence and freedom.

It shows that you choose to think for yourself, express your own style, and care about sun safety. Wear it with pride when you go swimming.

Think Different

Swimming in hoodies and jeans is an act of youthful rebellion against a society that is becoming increasingly standardised and normalised to the point of being terminally dull. We support freedom in many ways and swimming in clothes is a harmless expression thereof. Let's find out why hoodies, tees, and jeans make such great fitness swimwear. Come into the water and we show you why.

Spontaneous Swims

Hoodies and jogging pants make great swimwear for spontaneous swims. Keep your kit on, feel how soft and warm it is, then jump into the water and find out why swimming in these clothes is so much fun. No need to get changed before your swim.

Getting wet in a cotton hoodie
Simply wade in as you are, dressed in jeans, T-shirt and hoodie. This outfit is fun to wear in the water.
Getting wet in a cotton hoodie
Wade in deeper. Feel how the water rises up your jeans and into the hoodie.

Swimming in Hoodie and Jeans

Splashing around in comfy clothes is huge fun. Staying warmer in the water is a pleasant side effect.

Soaking wet cotton hoodie
Soaking wet cotton hoodie


The hood keeps your head warmer and avoids sunburn. Keep it up when swimming or it fills with water.

Soaking wet cotton hoodie
Soaking wet cotton hoodie


by Pierre, our intern who reviews swimwear and watersports clothes

This was the first time I went swimming in clothes like this. It was more fun than I expected. Wading in was exciting. Swimming was harder. The clothes didn't pull me down, just slowed me down a bit, but kept me warm in the water.

When I came out, the clothes felt heavy for a while, until most of the water had drained out after about 10 minutes. This is great swimwear which I now enjoy wherever I can.

Getting wet in a cotton hoodie

Reader Comments

Outdoor Swimming

by Sascha from Zürich, Switzerland

My friends and I always swim in hooded shirts when outdoors, mainly for warmth but also for sun protection on head, neck, and ears. We don't want a tan, just a lot of wet fun. Hoodies over jeans and tees feel comfy both wet or dry. They get somewhat heavy when wet, but it's good exercise. We wear these clothes on the beach all summer long.

For indoor pools we wear long T-shirts and shorts, just for feeling good. Some pools allow hoodies and jogging pants for strength training. One local pool actually sells tracksuits in their swimshop. We go there three times a week to soak it up and get very fit.

Beach Fun in Hoodies

Posted by Boris

Today I was at the beach in Northern California. We haven't much of a summer, but today was sunny and warm so I took my dog to the beach.

I was walking along the water's edge when I ran into my friend Marcus, who I hadn't seen in a while. His dog and my dog love playing together so they wasted no time chasing each other into the surf.

As I was talking with Marcus the water rushed up quickly, and before I could get away in time, it had gotten my shoes soaked as well as my jeans up to about my knees. Marcus laughed since he got away in time, and I just laughed at my soaked jeans.

He said that I might as well go for a swim now. I said it would be cold, but he kept urging me to do it, said it feel pretty good.

I finally gave him my phone and car keys, and ran into the waves, fully dressed in jeans, boxers, and big red hoodie with a blue short sleeved surf shirt under it. I dove under the waves, getting my head soaked and all my clothes.

Marcus laughed as I trudged back up the shore, soaked and dripping, my hoodie hanging down my jeans, my jeans sagging a lot under the weight of all that water.

I grabbed Marcus and gave him a big hug, and proceeded to drag him into the water, and he yelled and said he had phones (both of ours) and keys and stuff.

I let him empty his pockets and then we both ran into the waves, getting totally soaked. He was in a white T-shirt, blue jeans, canvas shoes and socks.

He got hold of me and carried me back into the water. We swam and played, chased the dogs, got a few smiles from people on the beach watching us soaked to the skin, and eventually trudged back out of the water.

We got kind of sandy in our wet gear, so we went for a final swim in our clothes to rinse it off and then went back to our cars. I stripped my wet clothes, put on some dry briefs and shorts (my gym bag contents) and drove home with a wet dog and a pile of wet clothes. Awesome day.

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