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Bivvy Bag Shelter (Emergency Shelter)

Bivvy bags are increasingly used by mountain rescue teams, outdoor centres and youth groups as emergency shelters. They create a surprisingly warm and sheltered environment for one or two people.

The bivvy bag poncho makes a cosy little nest for two people and should always be in the bottom of your pack. You can share it with a friend during lunch breaks or sudden downpours.

No need for tent poles and the like. You don't even have to make any changes from using it as a poncho. Just sit down and enjoy.

The zips open from the inside, so each of you has a little lookout opening. If it gets too rough outside, zip it closed and snuggle up inside.

Bivvy Bag

The zips can be attached to those on the opposite side to create a long bivvy bag (ca. 260cm) which is open at both ends. Press studs can reduce the size of the openings. A piece of cord can be used to tie off the foot end. The tube this makes up is quite narrow with some bivvy ponchos. A summer sleeping bag fits in well and a winter bag can be squeezed in but may compress the fill a little.

Tarp or One Man Tent

Lunch stops in the middle of the day can be more convenient with trekking poles and bivvy bag poncho as a tarp. It is a bit longer than the usual military ponchos.

With a few pegs and a strings you can setup a nice tarp. Use a piece of cord to tie up the hood. Putting the pack sack over the top of a walking stick protects the bivvy bag poncho tarp.

Waterproof Hammock Cover

A bivvy bag poncho poncho makes a waterproof hammock cover that is suspended over your hammock to protect you from the rain, wind and shine. This versatile cover can also be used as a simple shelter or for extra cover at camp as well as much more.

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