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First Look: Short Wildcraft Basic Poncho

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An underestimated piece of apparel, the shorter Rain Basic Poncho slips over your head, covering you and your gear all at once. Think of it as an stylish anorak or cagoule alternative, but more airy and loose with better ventilation.

This good looking rain poncho from Wildcraft helps you enjoy the outdoors comfortably, whatever the weather, keeping you protected during your treks and hikes. It is relatively short, which may get your legs wet in a downpour, but will be easier when you go for a swim.

The design features a collar extended to a hood with drawstring fastening and toggle adjustments, long raglan sleeves, concealed full zip placket under a layered panel with Velcro closure.

The fully sealed seams don’t let water seep in from the stitches. The polyester fabric of this poncho is lightweight and waterproof, with easy maintenance and storage.

Breathability is 3001 mvp. Can withstand 10000 mm rainfall.

We like that the arms are fully covered, unlike many ponchos we've seen, but we're not yet conviced that the velcro fasteners on the sides are as good as sturdy buttons. A full test will reveal this and more later.

wildcraft poncho
wildcraft poncho
wildcraft poncho

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