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Pool Adventure with Best Friend

Story by Ralph, Tampa, USA

A few weeks ago I visited my best friend Andrew. I was looking forward to this vacation for a long time since I knew that he was into wet clothes too and in advance he had hinted at us going to get wet for sure. The best thing was that he has a pool in his back yard so I knew that we would get wet sooner or later.

I arrived at his house on Saturday in the early afternoon. The afternoon we spent relaxing as I needed some rest after the long drive. We hang around watching TV and playing video games. For the evening we planned to go out into the city by car to check out some bars and have fun.

It was around 6pm when we dressed up for going out to the lake. I was wearing blue baggy jeans that were a little bit sagging and showing my blue plaid boxers, a white t-shirt white socks and DC sneakers. As it was going to get colder that night I also wore a black-grey hoody.

Andrew was wearing baggy jeans as well, a red t-shirt, white Osiris sneakers, white socks (as far as I could see), and a light grey hoody.

Pool Lure

We were planning to take my car and as we left through the back door we had to pass by the pool to get to the car which was parked in front of the house. It was the early evening so it was still warm outside and actually we were dressed a little bit too warm as we were wearing hoodies. Facing the pool Andrew said that the water looked really inviting as it was so hot.

I answered: “When you feel hot you should jump in right now.” I laughed, as I was sure he wouldn’t do it because we had some other plans for that night. But I must admit when looking at him I thought it would be really cool to see him wet in these clothes.

Maybe he thought the same about me because he looked at me and smiled and said: “I would do it, but you should go first.”

I said “No!” and stepped back like I was afraid. He then came over to me, grabbed me and draw me to the pool’s edge like he wanted to throw me in. I’m not really stronger than him but I could resist.

I laughed and said: “Remember, I have my wallet and cell phone in my pockets!”

He then let me rest and said “Okay, let’s go!” and moved to the car. When he turned away from me I grabbed him and draw him to the pool trying to get his wallet out of his pocket.

Then he made a very cool suggestion: “Okay, you wanna play it this way? … Let’s take our cells and wallets out of our pants and then let’s find out who’s gonna get in first.”

I felt some pins and needles in my stomach when he announced that because now I knew that we both wanted the same: Jumping into the pool as we were.

We put our cells, wallets and keys on a deck chair and faced each other. We must have looked like we were gonna wrestle. Andrew grabbed me and draw me very close to the pools edge. He seemed to draw much stronger this time. But then I could manage to put both arms around his body and push him the other direction. We were laughing and shouting like little kids. Luckily there were some high hedges around so the neighbors couldn’t see what we were doing.

Getting Wet

We were still very close to the pool’s edge when Andrew suddenly put his arms around me and pushed me. As I had my arms still around him I would draw him into the pool together with me. He must have known that and for sure he really wanted to go in. Due to his push I lost my balance and fell into the water together with Andrew.

The feeling of the water rushing into my clothes was great. It seemed that my feet kept dry for one or two seconds before the water also ran into my DC sneakers drenching my socks as well. It was totally cool to get completely soaked within a second and the best thing was that I had my best friend with me to share this great experience.

Being under water all I could see first were bubbles then I saw some parts of clothes but couldn’t figure out if it was mine or Andrew’s. We both got to the surface looking at each other. The expression on his face was kind of shocked. I think mine was the same because actually I couldn’t really believe what we did. Jumping into the pool in our street clothes without any long preparation, man that was so cool.

I started smiling and Andrew started laughing. He still had his base cap on. He said: “How do you feel? You like it?”

“Sure!” I answered without hesitation.

“Okay. Let’s enjoy.”

He laid back into the water and floated around a little bit. He looked so cool being in the water in his soaked clothes and shoes. I swam over to him and tried to dunk him which ended again in kind of a wrestling but was really cool. The feeling of the water rushing through my pants, boxers, t-shirt and hoody when I was swimming was great.

After a few minutes being in the water I wanted to try some jumps. So I climbed out of the pool and walked over to the deep end with tons of water pouring out of my clothes and water sloshing out of my shoes. I smoothed through my wet hair with my hand feeling that the gel had been washed out by the water.

I stepped back from the edge and made a running dive back into the water. Now Andrew wanted to perform a jump by himself as well so he climbed out and also walked over to the deep end. His baggy clothes sticking to his body looked really cool. There was so much water dripping out of his clothes that it formed some puddles on the way he took.

I wondered how he could keep on his shoes in the water as they looked really loose to me. Maybe they weren’t. He jumped back in with a big splash. This time he lost his base cap. It landed directly next to me.

He swam over to me and told me that he wanted to try something. We both went out of the water again and he told me to stand as close to the pool’s edge as possible. He stepped back a few meters, than ran toward me, grabbed me, and jumped in together with me. I was kind of shocked when we landed in the water as I wasn’t expecting that. He still had his arms around me when we came back to the surface. I smiled to him and said: “You are crazy”. We tried it a second time, this time with me grabbing him and it was cool.

I think we spent more than one hour diving and swimming. It was so cool. Every time I climbed out of the pool I felt like having tons of water in my clothes because they felt so heavy and were clinging to my body. It was such a good feeling. When we got exhausted we swam over to the shallow end of the pool and sat there for a while in the shallow water and talked about several stuff.

Finally our conversation turned to what we were just doing, swimming in our clothes. Andrew put his arm around me started laughing and said: “Did you like it, did you like it, did you like it?”

He was shaking me while saying this, his kind of joking. We still wanted to go downtown to go into some bars so we decided to get out of the pool. We stripped down to our boxers and brought our wet clothes into the house to put them into the dryer but left the wet shoes outside for drying. Then we changed into some dry clothes and prepared for getting started.

Another funny thing was when we later that evening sat in a bar and started chatting with a girl that sat on the table next to ours. She asked what we had been doing that day as it had been sunny and warm and Andrew answered: "We went swimming!"

In that moment I got scared. What would the girl think when he told her that we went swimming fully clothed? I think he wanted to scare me because he looked at me and smiled like he knew what I was thinking. But of course he didn't mention any details so obviously the girl thought, we went swimming in boardshorts. I think he deals really cool with this topic.

This was the first day of my two weeks visit and only the first of many soakings that we both did in these two weeks.

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